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This is my site. I hope you like.


My artwork, from 2D computer art, 3D art, pencil and pastel images. The pencil and pastel are old, but the 2D and 3D computer art is the new stuff.

The 2D computer artwork are mostly “Spacey” themed  works. The 3D works are done using DAZ Studio maybe some Poser 11 Pro bitz.

 All are designed to stimulate the mind and id and hopefully bring you to some sort of transcendental higher state of mind. Or just make you go “coo that looks nice” :D  

Please check back every so often, I’m motoring along with regards the computer art work, mostly I’ve abandoned physical drawing. I’ll try and update the site every so often as well.

Other than that please take time to enjoy and, of course, go “coo that looks nice”.  You can also find me @hollopointSWL on Twitter or @theinnesphere On Facebook.

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